Export Machinery packing and loading

1. Vaccum packing 2. Wooden case packing 3. Inside supporting
4. Window for China inspection 5. Stick to cover for prevent water in 6. Shipping mark
7. 2 shipping marks & fix lifting point 8. To confirm all lifting point is fix before moving 9. Moving machine from factory indoor to outdoor
10. Lifting by R.B crane (30 ton) 11. Loading onto container 12. Loading cargo onto flat rack container
13. Measure each size of container (Right) 14. Measure each size of container (Left) 15. Confirm the loading status before start lashing
16. Military sheet to cover the wooden case 17. Finished loading 18. Lashing container
19. Lashing container by wire 20. Finished Lashing 21. Start haulage after lashing